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HVH Super Sucker

HVH Super Sucker

Super sucker carburettor spacers are the most effective carburettor spacers ever developed. Adds up to 47 HP naturally aspirated. The Super Sucker carb spacer also properly distributes the air/fuel mixture to the manifold. Improvements in the throttle response, driveability, top end horsepower and torque are commonplace when using a Super Sucker.

The HVH spacer will increase air speed from the base of the carburettor to the top of the intake valve, pulling more fuel from the carburettor. The Super Sucker will require a change in the size jet currently being used. Elapsed time for the 1/4 mile is reduced as much as 1/10 of a second and lap times reduced as much as 2/10 of a second. Super Suckers are made from two different materials, aluminium and high temp composite.

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 HVH Super Sucker
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