Outlaw Speed Shop Warranty Policy


Please contact us before returning goods due to a warranty claim. Proof of purchase of the goods from us is required for any warranty claim. Please keep your receipt.

All new goods sold by Outlaw Speed Shop (Outlaw) come with a warranty, however the warranty terms do vary between items.


Outlaw tries to deal with warranty claims quickly due to the possible inconvenience caused to the customer, however delays will occur in some instances.


Outlaw is not authorised to repair or replace some items, and they may need to be shipped interstate to be checked by our suppliers. Goods sent interstate under a customer warranty claim and then found not to be faulty or to have been fitted incorrectly or damaged by the customer, will NOT be replaced under warranty. The customer may also be subject to a repair charge and a freight charge in this instance.


Warranty claims for parts used in performance and race engines, may be referred to qualified industry experts to ascertain the cause of failure.


Before you return goods for a warranty claim, please contact us. We may be able to advise on a fix over the phone or do a simple repair locally and save on unnecessary delays and possible charges for repair costs and freight.

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Outlaw Speed Shop - 50 Grand Junction Rd Rosewater, South Australia. 5013.

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